My name is Vladan and I run Vlasta Weddings together with my wife Emina. Doing photography for me feels as natural as breathing. Beside formal education in photography I had the advantage of being immersed in this world of photography from an early age . My mother is a photographer for more than 35 years and she is the one who taught me the most. I grew up in her photography studio witnessing all the phases photography has gone through. Oddly enough, I did not always want to become a photographer. As a kid, I wanted to be a professional tennis player. I chased that dream until I got to play tennis for the national team. Today I am a licensed tennis coach with a masters degree in sports. Since I was always a very creative and visual type I spent a couple of years working in fashion as a visual commercial manager for a famous fashion brand and I still work as contributing editor for a fashion magazine. On my travels and in my spare time I like to shoot street style photography. Working in fashion helped me develop a unique aesthetic which I hope is reflected in my photography work as well. When I am not working or traveling, I am spending time with my family or playing with my son Sven.


March 06-10 Venice, Italy

March 25-29 Dusseldorf/Koln Germany

April 22-24 Zagreb, Croatia

May 11-13 Dubrovnik, Croatia

May 19-20 Dubrovnik,Croatia

May 22-24 Koln, Germany

May 27-30 Zagreb, Croatia

June 1-5 Valencia, Spain

June 6-8 Tuscany, Italy

June 10-12 Bale/Zagreb, Croatia

June 22-23 Dubrovnik, Croatia

July 02 Split, Croatia

July 04-08 Paris, France

July 15 Belgrade, Serbia

July 16-19 Santorini, Greece

July 22-23 Porec, Croatia

July 24-30 Sarajevo, BiH

August 04-07 Tuzla, BiH

August 10-12 Istanbul, Turkey

August 20 Osijek, Croatia

August 22-25 Ios, Greece

August 27-29 Dubrovnik, Croatia

September 01-02 Zagreb, Croatia

September 05-06 Split, Croatia

September 08-12 Ios/Naxos/Santorini, Greece

September 22-25 Sibenik, Croatia

October 01-05 Antalya, Turkey

November 10- 25 Dubai, UAE