My name is Vladan and I run Vlasta Weddings together with my wife Emina. Doing photography for me feels as natural as breathing. Beside formal education in photography I had the advantage of being immersed in this world of photography from an early age . My mother is a photographer for more than 35 years and she is the one who taught me the most. I grew up in her photography studio witnessing all the phases photography has gone through. Oddly enough, I did not always want to become a photographer. As a kid, I wanted to be a professional tennis player. I chased that dream until I got to play tennis for the national team. I am also a licensed tennis coach with a masters degree in sports. Since I was always a very creative and visual type I spent a couple of years working in fashion as a visual commercial manager for a famous fashion brand and I still work as contributing editor for a fashion magazine. On my travels and in my spare time I like to shoot street style photography as well. Working in fashion helped me develop a unique aesthetic which I hope is reflected in my photography work as well. When I am not working or traveling, I am spending time with my family or playing with my son Sven.

2023 Destinations


Phuket, Thailand


Maastricht, Netherlands

Mostar, BiH

Athens, Greece

Zagreb, Croatia

Zadar, Croatia


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Vienna, Austria

Thun, Switzerland

Tuscany, Italy

Lake Como, Italy

Mykonos, Greece

Istria, Croatia


Santorini, Greece

Tuscany, Italy

Rovinj, Croatia

Mallorca, Spain

Dubrovnik, Croatia


Split, Croatia

Umbria, Italy

Kranj, Slovenia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Verona, Italy


Tuscany, Italy

Split, Croatia

Sarajevo, BiH

Vienna, Austria

Porec, Croatia


Dubai, UAE