- 2 photographers
- 12 hours coverage
- 700-1200 fully edited photos
- fine art photobook with box 20cmx30cm (30 pages)
- private online gallery
- custom USB stick



- 1 photographer
- 10 hours coverage
- 600-1000 fully edited photos
- 100 printed photos (13x18)
- private online gallery
- custom USB stick



- 1 photographer
- 6 hours coverage
- 500-800 fully edited photos
- private online gallery



- second photographer: 600 EUR
- fine art photobook 30 pages: 300 EUR
- rehearsal dinner/brunch up to 2 hours: 300 EUR
- before/next day photo session: 600EUR
- your images edited and delivered in 10 days: 600 EUR
-additional hour: 100 EUR


How do I book my date?

Once you select the package you want and we agree on all the details you will need to sign a contract with us and pay a booking fee. Your date will be officially booked after that.

What can we do to get the best possible photos?

Every couple that books us expects to get beautiful images. But couples rarely think about what makes a great image and what steps to take in order to make it possible. The truth is - no photographer is a magician! You can book the best one there is but if you put him in a basement you will not get the images like you see on our website. Here are our tips for you.
1. Get a wedding planner
Stressed people who waste time panicking on their wedding day rarely get good shots of themselves. We had numerous couples taking the laid back approach and assuring us everything is taken care of then hitting the wedding day mess and finding themselves super stressed out, running errands and chasing help from others instead of enjoying their big day. Take the weight of planning and communicating with vendors of your back by hiring an experienced wedding planner. It is an extra step in your budget but it usually turns out to be the cheapest option at the end. We can recommend some if you do not know where to start.

2. Be aware of your surroundings.
Getting ready in a dark, messy place with artificial light or limited light will not help us. If you do not have this at home and getting a hotel room is too much try getting an Airbnb with big windows we can use as a light source.

3. Be aware of the light conditions.
Light in photography is everything. Harsh, direct or uneven light is to be avoided. If you are having an outdoor wedding try not to have a part of the ceremony in shade and the other part in the direct sunlight. If you are getting married in open sun it is best to keep the sun behind your backs so the scene is backlit. Please allocate at least 45 min. before sunset for your couple session. Harsh mid-day light will create hard shadows on your face that are not flattering and neither are squinting eyes. Bands and DJs often use color lighting system as a part of their service, these are great for the party but terrible for us. Have them not use it the entire time.

When will we get our photos?

Your will receive an online gallery link with all your photos within maximum 8 weeks (sometimes less depending on the season I photograph your story). You can download all the photos from the gallery but also share them, choose your favorites, and also order prints!

What if we want full privacy?

We absolutely understand the need for privacy and respect our client wishes. No matter the reasons, our service is of such nature that it needs to adjust. Please keep in mind that most clients find us through our work. Social networks marketing is one of the key assets of any photography business which is why we might use some of the photographs created on your wedding on our social networks or this website. This is settled by the contract we both sign. If you want your wedding photos to be completely private and never published anywhere, that will alter the prices for 30%.

What happens if you get sick or can not come to our wedding?

We would need to be in pretty bad state not to show up at your wedding. Not something to brag about but Vladan shot a wedding while I was giving birth to our son! We are both fully committed to this job but have to admit there are things sometimes out of our power. If we end up in hospital or something seriously bad happens to us we have other photographers in our team and a network of colleagues to fill in. This back up plan functions both locally and internationally. We are also very careful about our health and always carry a small first aid kit and some pills with us. More often we had to offer those to our couples then use them ourselves!