About our work

To us, wedding photography is not only about making magazine worthy shots from the couple's wedding shoot session. Capturing authentic, organic moments that convey emotions of the day is far more important. We want our photos to not only help couples remember what their wedding day looked like but what it felt like as well. Our style is a combination of documentary and art photography techniques. We can't escape our fashion background so some say that our photos sometimes look like fashion editorials. When shooting, we always prefer natural lighting and enjoy catching the spontaneous moments of interactions between the couple and their guests. Most of the day we will try to be invisible without a lot of intervention. It is a great privilege to be invited into people's intimate spaces and that is why we approach every wedding wholeheartedly. We try to show up not only as photographers but as human beings sharing your joy and offering our friendship. Every wedding is a unique journey and an adventure for us. Have a look at our work and, if you like what you see, give us a chance to create timeless photos that you will love and appreciate for many years to come.

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